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Out of the blue, age 26—Scott discovered his kidney function was 6%. He started dialysis immediately and began preparing for a kidney transplant.

Then came more worrying news. The transplant would take place in Melbourne—more than 500km from Scott’s home in Launceston, Tasmania.

How could Scott ever afford somewhere to stay near the hospital for 6-8 weeks?

Since the diagnosis, Scott hadn’t been able to work much, and neither had his partner, Laura. Laura had sold her car. Family had helped, but there was only so much they could do.

“The diagnosis was frightening, but financial worries nearly broke us,” says Laura.

Today, you can help us lift a huge worry from the shoulders of families like Scott’s. Please donate now to help give people like Scott a safe, comfortable place to recover.

Thanks to people like you, Scott and Laura were able to stay in one of our Kidney Transplant Houses for as long as they needed, free of charge. They needed it. After the transplant, Scott had problems with his kidney being rejected. From our house, they could be back at the hospital in minutes.

People like Scott have such high hopes of a transplant, but there is no guarantee of success. You could help give them the best chance of recovering.

Donate now to help us keep the lights on, and the doors open to people like Scott.

We urgently need your help to meet the running costs of our Kidney Transplant Houses.









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