Please will you help families like Alex’s who face a shock diagnosis of kidney disease?

Fourteen-year-old Alex was healthy and active. But a routine blood test showed her kidneys had failed. She faced surgery, dialysis and a transplant.

Alex was in shock. “It was impossible to comprehend,” says her father Rob. Like many Australians, Alex and her family knew very little about kidney disease.

We urgently need your help to support people like Alex.

Alex’s life changed beyond recognition. She began eight hours of dialysis a night.

Rob, a policeman, is Alex’s primary carer. As father and daughter, they share a special bond. As soon as he could, Rob went through tests to find out if he could donate a kidney. When a match was confirmed, Rob and Alex began to prepare for the operation—desperately hoping it would be a success.

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Before her transplant, Alex had a precious chance to have fun at our Kidney Kids Camp. She made friends who could tell her what to expect from the operation. The next year at camp, she was able to give the same assurance and support to other kids who were preparing for surgery. 

Rob had his kidney removed in one hospital, while Alex waited to go into theatre in the children’s hospital. The operation went smoothly and Alex’s new kidney started working right away. The two were so glad to be able to recover together at our Kidney Transplant House.

Alex was lucky. Her father gave literally everything he could to save her life. But now, they rely on you to help provide the support their family needs, so Alex can focus on getting better. Every day, families in Australia are rocked by a devastating diagnosis of kidney disease. You can make sure they don’t go through it alone.