Our Transplant House service means people like Dean don’t have to recover from lifesaving surgery alone.

Many people waiting for a life-saving kidney transplant live hundreds of kilometres away from the nearest major transplant hospital. People like Dean, who desperately needed a new kidney to survive, but lived over 400km—or a 5 hour drive—from the hospital he needed to visit in Perth.

For families who can’t afford city accommodation, travelling there would mean they’d have nowhere to stay. It takes 6-8 weeks of recovery time after a transplant and, during this time, patients must be closely monitored with several hospital appointments a day.

For Dean to be separated from his family during a major procedure like a kidney transplant, it would have made the whole process even more traumatic for everyone. That’s why we need your help to run our three Kidney Transplant Houses in major cities. Your support means we can offer people like Dean and his family, who live in rural and remote areas, the accommodation they need to recover after transplant surgery – free of charge.

Will you help us keep families together and put a roof over their heads while their loved one recovers from transplant surgery?


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“The whole time I was on dialysis, the kids always wanted me to come out and kick the footy with them, but I would get so tired. I couldn’t really do anything with them. I felt terrible. We love camping but it was always too hard while I was on dialysis. I just want to be able to go on holidays where I don’t have to go back to a machine constantly.” – Dean

“Before my transplant, I had periods during the day where I felt like I was going to pass out. Even to walk up one flight of stairs, I would get to the top and would be breathing flat out, muscles burning. But I think it was harder on my wife, to see me like that and because I needed so much help from her.” – Dean

“I stayed at the Transplant House with the kids for a month…It made it a lot easier financially. I don’t know how people cope when they can’t work because they’re having the transplant. I don’t know how they would make ends meet.” - Natalie, Dean’s wife