Eli was just months away from dying, and nobody knew.

When Thelma, Eli’s mum, took him to the doctor a few years ago to get his limp checked out, she never could have imagined the devastating diagnosis that followed.

Eli had kidney disease. Stage five, to be exact, which is the final stage and where the kidneys are at serious risk of failing altogether and causing cardiac arrest. If his condition had remained undiagnosed, Eli’s heart would have stopped beating within a year.

Eli bravely endured three long years of dialysis at home. For six nights a week, he was tied up to machines to clean his blood, unable to stay at his friends’ houses or go on school camp.

Things are looking up for Eli this Christmas after his transplant in March, and a stay in our Kidney Transplant House and four nights away at our Kidney Kids Camp in May.

But these vital services are only made possible because of the generous support of people like you.

Please, this Christmas, will you be there for a family like Eli’s, no matter what stage of their harrowing battle with kidney disease they might be at?

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