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Bev and Barry are strong and resilient people that don’t dwell on their misfortunes. You won’t hear them complain about Bev’s kidney disease, but there’s no doubt it’s had a huge impact on their life together.

Bev's kidney function dropped down to ten percent and Barry stepped forward saying, “I’ll give you one of my kidneys”. He passed the tests and the couple went through the major upheaval of a transplant operation.

Bev and Barry began to plan for their retirement. They bought a caravan—finally hoping to visit beautiful places they’d never had the chance to see during their busy working lives.

But kidney disease is cruel.

The transplant failed after only five and a half years. Bev was seriously ill and all their dreams of travelling were dashed.

For people like Bev and Barry, the Big Red Kidney Bus is a vital service that offers them precious respite from the gruelling routine of dialysis.

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Bev's transplanted kidney failed and she had to be flown to Melbourne for treatment. She needed to start dialysis again. For the last 18 months, Bev has had dialysis at home with Barry’s support.
​​Every other day, Bev and Barry get up at 5am. Barry sets up the equipment while Bev has breakfast. Then she’s on dialysis from 6am to 11am. Only then can her day begin. It must be exhausting.
The Big Red Kidney Bus is the only time they get a break. Bev and Barry don’t have to get up at 5am. Bev can walk over to get her treatment, while Barry goes fishing with friends. It’s such a precious thing for them.