Please could you help a child like Ashlea go to Kidney Kids Camp?

For a child like Ashlea, everyday life is tough. Her kidneys failed soon after she was born prematurely. She weighed just 570 grams and was so tiny and fragile that she had to spend the first five months of her life in hospital.

As Ashlea grew up, she was often sick, and when other children were going out and having fun, she missed out.

Children like Ashlea don’t get a chance to enjoy some of childhood’s most important experiences — like going to camp.

Your gift this Christmas could change that. You could give a child like Ashlea four days of unforgettable fun at Kidney Kids Camp.

Dr Sypek and a team of nurses will be on site to make sure Ashlea and 100 other children get their medication and treatment while enjoying an adventure of their own, and making precious memories.

For some children, Kidney Kids Camp is the only time they get to go away from home. And it’s the only time their parents who are their carers get a break.

This Christmas, please give a child like Ashlea something to look forward to. Because of the generous gift you give now, they’ll have the chance to go to Kidney Kids Camp.

Give your special Christmas gift now.

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“Ashlea spent the first five months of her life in hospital. She felt ill every day of her life until she had a kidney transplant at the age of five. She’s missed out on so much of the fun of childhood.”

Alison, mum to twins Ashlea and Audrey.

Kids with kidney disease shouldn’t have to miss out. Along with her sisters, Ashlea has been able to attend Kidney Kids Camp for the past few years. She gets to sing, dance, and meet kids just like her, all while having her medical needs taken care of.

Your gift today could help send a child like Ashlea and their siblings to Kidney Kids Camp. This is the one camp children with kidney disease can attend. It could even be the first and only time they’ve ever been away from home. Please give your special Christmas gift today.