Help send a child like Harry to Kidney Kids Camp.

A Kidney Kid like Harry needs your help to simply be a child again.

Harry was born five weeks premature with a large 1 kilo tumour in his abdomen. By the time he was born, it had already severely damaged his kidneys. Since then, he’s endured several major surgeries, three months of chemotherapy, a kidney transplant from his dad, and he needs medication every day of his life.

Kidney Kids deal with huge pressures at such a young age. A child like Harry, can face many physical, emotional and psychological challenges. These children can feel isolated and lose the innocent, joyful spark of childhood itself.

Please help 130 Kidney Kids and their siblings attend 2018 National Kidney Health Kids Camp.

Kids Camp is four days of peer-support and self-confidence building activities. For some youngsters, Kidney Camp is the ONLY way these children will experience a holiday.

The healing starts here, and it starts with big-hearted people like you. Nothing is possible without the amazing generosity of Kidney Health supporters like you! PLEASE DONATE TODAY.


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"At 35 weeks, Harry was born. He weighed 3.2 kilos, and the tumour was about a kilo. They weren’t sure whether Harry would have proper brain function, or be able to walk or learn or do anything.—Harry's mum.

"At six months Harry had chemo... when he was four, Harry’s kidney failed... The relief when I heard that Harry was out (of our father to son kidney transplant) and the kidney was working, was huge!"—Harry's dad.

“We went to pick Harry and Cooper up from camp, they were both in tears...The volunteer carers were crying too, saying how amazing Harry was... they had really made a connection with him. I’d never seen him like that before.”—Harry's mum.